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Cleansing can help your space be free of negative vibes, icky atmosphere and can help to rebalance energies. Cleansing is also essential for your crystals to work as best as they can.

Negative energies build up regardless of whether they’re intentional or not. Think; arguing with a partner, getting frustrated at the kids, moving into a new space (ie house, office), having a flat day and stagnant energy (something that builds quickly in winter for me).

Cleansing helps to break up those energies and flow them out of your space, bye Felecia!
Whether you cleanse weekly, monthly or just a few times a year, it all helps in relieving some of the strains in the atmosphere and brings in that calming flow.

Another really helpful view is that you can cleanse yourself. Had a crappy day at work? Been surrounded by negative stagnant people? You don’t need that heavy load, and cleansing can help you feel free of that energy, so you can carry on being the best you.


You’ll need the following
- A sage bundle, incense, or a stick of palo santo
- A fireproof bowl, Abalone Shell or Pearl Shell
- Lighter, Matches or a candle
- Cleansing feather if preferred

Alright, I have all that, now what?


Make sure your in a state of being fully aware and able to set an intention.

Open up all windows and doors to let the smoke draw all of the negative energy out of your space.

Clear your mind. Forget about what you have to do tomorrow or the weekend, forget about the kids football or netball matches, forget everything except what happening in this current moment.

Think about your intention. This could be to rid the energy after your day has pushed you to the edge, to open up a new space, to rid your space of all negative energy, or rebalance the energy of yourself and home.


Light your chosen cleansing piece, keep alight until smoke starts producing. Once the smoke has built up blow out the flame and you’re good to go.

In one hand hold your cleansing piece and in the other your fireproof bowl, start by cleansing yourself starting at your head and flowing down to your toes. Now remember your intention and say this as you start to move around your space. I prefer to move around in a clockwise direction however you can move as your intuition tells you. Make sure you move around to each corner of the room. If you have a feather you can use this to push the smoke right into the corners, behind the tv, above the cupboards etc. Each ember that falls, catch it in the fireproof bowl.

Don’t forget to keep your intention in thought or voice throughout the whole cleansing period.

Once you have finished cleansing and have returned to where you began, extinguish cleansing tool in sand.
I then like to take the debris from the session and return it to the earth and give thanks for being able to use the plant/wood for clearing my space.

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